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    How to choose the boiler You are here:Home - How to choose the boiler

     1 , choose the brand , in general, choose a good brand will choose a safe, choose a gas province , chose peace of mind, choose a service . Manufacturers in marketing their products, can vomit Lotus , all sorts of promises , but really is not much to do as promised . Because there is not enough capacity and financial resources are unable to support the service , and can not guarantee the timely supply of parts . Another must choose a product boiler insurance policy , after the occurrence of accidents manufacturer responsible .

        2 , choose power , the same brand has a variety of power options. Choice of power, wasting money, wasting energy. Choice of power is small, small money and energy waste, but can not reach the requirements.

        Meet the power used must have two conditions : heating and sanitary hot water. Heating boiler in Xi'an 100W per square meter shall be calculated , sanitary hot water power needed to reach (△ t = 30 ℃ pm) 10 l / min or more , the two must satisfy in order to achieve the requirements. That choice 20KW power over the use of furnaces to meet . If you choose to 18KW stove , heating no problem, but the sanitary hot water becomes too small.

        3 , choose Services: boiler life of more than 15 years to remove the two-year warranty as well as at least 13 years of maintenance fees . In the 13 years long years , if not a good service for your escort , it can really become difficult years . This choice can not hear vendors say , but must go to the test, to see the company scale , look at two warehouses accessories, three -dimensional look at security sites , four examinations users reflect .

        Just over three requirements grasp choice, we will be able to choose favorite products.