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    All-round SUMIGA Safety Protection System

    Lives are above everything. Nothing is more important than safety and life. Wall-hung boiler is a gas product. Any tiny designing mistakes or art defects may be fatal to the users. Meanwhile, wall-hung boiler is a valuable home appliance. Any damage will bring a great inconvenience to the customers.

    Each of our boiler is produced as per European EN483 standard and the quality assurance system complies with ISO9001 completely.

    Bypass valve is placed inside. The valve can be opened timely to protect water pump and boiler when the abnormal situation like blocking happens with the system

    Anti-block device can keep running for one minute every 24 hours under power off condition of the boiler to ensure normal start at any time of water pump and water circuit components.

    Overheat protection is that under extreme condition, when normal temperature adjustment and temperature control fail, the boiler stops with alarming.

    Even under power off condition, if temperature in pipe of the boiler has the risk of freezing, the boiler will start second level anti-freezing protection running. That is to relight and heat through water pump circulation to prevent freezing damage to the wall-hung boiler.

    Alarming for lack of water and protection function may prevent racing of water pump and dry burning of main heat exchanger.

    And it contains many other failure display and alarming functions.