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    How can we select Gas Water Heaters correctly?

    To ensure safe operation, gas appliances shall be selected and purchased correctly. The correct selection and purchase mainly means that your gas type must be matched with the specified gas type of gas appliance. The current gas type mainly includes 3 kinds: pipeline manufactured gas, pipeline natural gas, and bottled gas (a small amount of pipeline LPG is available in some regions). The chemical compositions, supply pressures, and burning characteristics of different gas supplies are different, and a type of gas appliances is designed and manufactured as per single gas supply; Therefore different gas appliances shall be adopted when gas supplies are different. This is the reason why the gas cook tops and water heaters specially designed for manufactured gas, natural gas, and LPG are available.  Of course, SUMIGA sales network will  provide you with satisfying guidance when you need. Just contact us by calling our 24 hours customer care hot line 4006-016-136 or email us at sumigasales@gmail.com.