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    Product Principle
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    Office: +86-757-2611 2898
    Fax: +86-757-2611 2899
    Email: sumigasales@gmail.com
    Address: No.16 Huafa Road, Huakou Industrial Zone, Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan, China.
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    Product comparison:
    Compared with similar products :
    Advanced technology: top domestic boiler technology from Europe ;
    Quality Excellence: Parts are used world-famous brands ;
    Energy: thermal efficiency up to 90% , particularly fuel savings ;
    Safety : High-tech sealed combustion chamber , 18 kinds of automatic safety protection ;
    Operation is simple: Microcomputer intelligent control, easy operation ;
    Comfort : large water flow , water temperature constant in the most comfortable temperature ;

    Compared with similar products imported :
    Suitable for China : utilization in Europe, Korea Product Design principles for different cities in different gas conditions designed gas parameters ; carry water to adjust for the domestic water quality ;
    Like quality , price winner : fully meet the same high -quality famous brands, but the price is very approachable , with great competition ;
    Rooted in the Chinese market, local production , started to provide customers with " one-stop" attentive service .