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    Office: +86-757-2611 2898
    Fax: +86-757-2611 2899
    Email: sumigasales@gmail.com
    Address: No.16 Huafa Road, Huakou Industrial Zone, Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan, China.
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    Foshan Shunde SUMIGA Thermal Technology Limited is Hong Kong- owned enterprises, the national home of all - Foshan Shunde set production base , relying on the advantages of home appliance manufacturers in Shunde developed , starting point involved in gas heating equipment industry . Our company is mainly engaged in "SUMIGA " brand gas boiler , gas water heaters and heating equipment research and development , production and sales, as well as providing a full range of solutions for the HVAC industry .

         My company has standardized the early years of R & D center , set up a team of senior domestic HVAC and electrical control experts led research team , introduction and assimilation of German technology, the German heritage advantage in safety, reliability and environmental areas of energy , combined with domestic gas supply, water and other special, with rigorous attitude creates a suitable boiler products China home use. Our original fireplaces use of foreign brand-name components: Italian Dozier U.S. special (Zinet) expansion tank, Germany and Czech Honeywell (Honeywell) gas proportional valve , Denmark Grundfos (Grundfos) pump , Sweden Fu Ba ( Huba) wind pressure switches, Motorola (Motolora) intelligent control chip , Danfoss (Danfoss) plate heat exchanger, Italy Caleffi (Calef) gauge , the French high North (Crouzet) micro switches and other components of well-known brands , top hardware effectively ensure the security of home comfort products, honey , reliability and durability ; appearance and surface treatment products referenced aesthetic ideas in Europe , so the atmosphere and elegant. So our products dare to Germany , Italy and other world-class brand comparable.

         I determined to create a gas heating industry-leading brands , the choice of the industry 's most advanced testing equipment and automated production equipment. Include: automatic three -component gas continuous gas distribution systems , gas composition analysis equipment , CO and Nox comprehensive testing devices , precision gas flow test systems , automatic detection system electrical performance , reliability and lifetime testing equipment, automated production lines.

         My company has first-class technical team and excellent after-sales service team, to dealers across the country to provide a stable product with comprehensive services.

         Over the years, SUMIGA home energy saving boiler accustomed to comfort , stable and secure for the quality control of the core , rigorous research and development and manufacturing processes so that enterprises have developed rapidly . Professional development, focused on creating , absolutely determined to pursue , "professional cast boutique" product concept, "SUMIGA " to meet EU technical level , through a multi- national product certification , becoming the world's major boiler manufacturing base , sales to Europe Asian countries.

         To "comfort technology" write the heating process, with professionalism cast -class brand. SUMIGA home will always adhere to the technology leader of the faith, and never stop to contribute to the development of the industry . Technology to create human life to bring comfort , comfortable life for mankind to create a home sweet home ------ SUMIGA