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    Contact US
    Office: +86-757-2611 2898
    Fax: +86-757-2611 2899
    Email: sumigasales@gmail.com
    Address: No.16 Huafa Road, Huakou Industrial Zone, Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan, China.
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    Product Quality
    Carefully to ensure the implementation of the national " Product Quality Law" and " Consumer Protection Law ", " some of the goods for repair, replacement , return the liability " ; implementation of the country's new products and services Warranty Regulations ; product covered by the China Pacific .

    Consulting service
    Shu honey house the headquarters and various cities across the country where the dealer accepts a variety of user consultation.

    Warranty Service
    Company Products 2 -year warranty period the whole free repair service , and to provide advice and heating systems running maintenance , to ensure the normal operation of the system ; provide lifelong maintenance services.

    Repair Service
    National implementation of 48 hours ( 24-hour city center ) booking service ( limited to a service point ) , the country in various service outlets are at your call.

    Technical support and training
    The company will provide free technical support and operator training systems products and systems for the user. The company will establish a customer profile to establish a system for each user an electronic file , easy to manage user information in order to provide more comprehensive and timely service.
     Choose Shu honey house boiler, is the choice of professional , reliable service !